Welcome to The Thing Is Boutique.

Most women have a memory from childhood of their first encounter with fashion, of being in a magical place full of color, textures and glittery items. For many, it was playing in their grandmother’s or mother’s closets. For me, it was Aunt Mimi’s dress shop, La Boutique. It was a child’s wonderland for me!


The Thing Is Boutique is curated from those memories. My goal is to offer that same experience for women, to create that same thrill and wonderment that we experienced as children.


The Thing Is Boutique opened in 2006 as one small room with a bit of clothing, jewelry, and pottery. Today it is a wonderland of wearable art produced by talented fiber artists, and amazing one-of-a-kind offerings in art of all kinds.   Explore our apparel, intriguing handmade jewelry, essentials oils, soaps, rarely found perfumes, candles, handmade lotions and salves and so much more.  And for the children that make womanhood so special — simple, fun and educational toys!


I am so pleased that my lifetime experiences have brought me here.  It just goes to show that when the Universe puts ‘your thing’ in front of you, you must simply reach out and grab it!


Lisa Cullings Polk

A Curated Selection
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Styling Your Look

Our goal at The Thing Is Boutique is to make your style your own and let your light shine because of it. We offer styling services to help you make the most of new fashion and the latest trends. We can take pieces you love from of your current wardrobe and recreate a brand-new look that includes them.


When you need that right look for a special occasion or wish to have us send you an outfit that we know is just right for you, give us a call. We’ll compose a style especially for you!


In the way that the best-dressed woman engages a stylist to dress them, The Thing Is Boutique can do that for you!

Beautiful Giftwrapping

Online or in the Store

The Thing Is Boutique prides itself on providing unique and truly beautiful gift wrapping upon request. Just tell us the occasion and we will create the perfect outer beauty for your gift to complement the gift inside. Call and chat with us at 325-347-0230 and we will take it from there!


The Thing is Boutique…Our Philosophy

The Thing Is Boutique is built on a philosophy of magnifying the inner and outer beauty of women and celebrating our womanhood. We should love what we wear and gather positive energy from the beautiful things around us! The mind, body, spirit trilogy is at the heart of everything we do.


We like to refer to Our Clients as Our Tribe. An eclectic array of women of all shapes, colors, opinions, preferences and mindsets. What have in common is our desire for well-being, personal growth and abundance. We want to be comfortable not only in our fashion but in our own skins. We promote positive self-talk, cultivate our spirits, and see unlimited human potential because of our inner divinity. We want to be the best that is within us!


The Thing Is Boutique wants you to become part of Our Tribe. Visualize your inner beauty and let us style your outer-self to be in harmony with it. Let your higher-self shine through and organically effect the way you present your self-esteem to the world.


Welcome to The Thing Is Boutique…. it’s a Woman’s Wonderland!


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